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03/10/2016 - Is the Cloud Right for Your Small Business?

A new report from business software company Exact interviewed 750 small businesses, comparing the experiences of those that had moved all or part of their business to the cloud against those who have not. The findings have been published in the report The Small Business Cloud Barometer 2015. Below we have the highlights, which should interest any small business owner.

All of the businesses involved employed fewer than 50 people. Their responses were recorded between February and March of 2015, taken from all regions of the US, and inclusive of many different industries. Of the 750 companies interviewed, 51% use at least some kind of Cloud software in their business. Nearly 30% use three or more Cloud applications to get work done. When asked why they chose to implement Cloud solutions, the top five responses were:

  • Security (32%)
    • When using reputable Cloud solutions such as Microsoft or Amazon Web Services, small business owners are relieved of having to worry about IT security within the environment. Many services have robust, multi-faceted security wrapped around their products already to safeguard data.

  • Lower IT Costs (26%)
    • Cloud services operate on a “per-use” basis; business owners pay only for what they use. This can lower costs significantly – rather than purchasing expensive infrastructure hardware, software and licenses up front to account for growth in the business, owners can purchase only what they need. That need can be grown dynamically at any time.

  • Low Cost to Maintain (23%)
    • When making use of Cloud services, business owners are not required to maintain any hardware or infrastructure. This can reduce significantly the number of IT staff that need to be onsite. In some cases, a single IT staff or a contract with a reputable local firm is all that is required to maintain day to day operations.

  • Easy Mobile Access to Data (19%)
    • For businesses that have “road warriors” – employees in the field rather than working in the main office, Cloud services can become key. With the right combination of services, employees can be guaranteed secure access to all of their information, anytime and from any device.

  • More Productivity for Employees
    • All of the points above lead to greater productivity for employees. With more and more applications and services moving to the Cloud, the burden of IT is removed from the company. Business owners can focus on serving their customers rather than worrying about network infrastructure, application updates, etc. Employees realize more productivity in their daily workflow as well, with access to their data from any device running any operating system, anywhere in the world.

The report concludes that, while half of the businesses surveyed are benefiting from use of Cloud services, that leaves the remaining half that aren’t engaging it. Respondents cited a lack of familiarity with what the Cloud can offer, or concerns over security, as their main reasons for being reluctant to move to the Cloud.

Among the Small Businesses responding, the class of Very Small Businesses (VSBs), which have fewer than 20 employees, were among those slowest to adopt Cloud services. However, of those that had made the move, VSBs were also the group that saw the greatest financial and productivity gain by doing so.

Have you considered exploring Cloud Services? Are you currently using an internal Cloud and would like to discuss the potential benefits of integrating with a Public Cloud vendor? Click on our Contacts link on this page and tell us about your business goals. One of our support representatives will contact you to discuss the options that will help you drive your business forward.


02/01/2016 - New A+ Class!

We are very excited to announce that our latest certification is underway! We have a class of students that will be preparing for the CompTIA A+ certification, the most industry-recognized certification for IT technicians.
Once our students have completed the course and have obtained their certification, Logan Computers' job placement programs put them in touch with our many industry contacts to assist in making the transition to an exciting IT career.

Spring 2016 will bring new IT classes for those looking to certify in a specific IT discipline. Are you finishing school and looking to break into IT? Looking to transition to your next career? Click on our Contacts link on this page, and let one of our education specialists discuss how we can assist you in achieving your goals.